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Meet the girls of Gunsmoke Kennels 

Gunsmoke's Lanie

Lanie, our house dog, is a very masculine female that is often mistaken for a male.  She has the docileness of a true English lab, but also has the drive to hunt, play ball, and anything else our girls may tempt her to do.  She is truly a blessing and a big part of our family.

Gunsmoke's Biscuit

Biscuit is just beautiful!  She is a very well bred female with a great temperament.  She is also a gamer at the same time.  She is an all around great dog!  Her unforegettable face is her trademark.

Gunsmoke's Gracie

Gracie is a well-balanced female with a lot of leg.  She is an athlete to say the least.  She has the drive and intelligence to excell at anything she tries.  She is the best friend of our oldest daughter.

Gunsmoke's Chloe

Chloe is also a very well bred female with plenty of size, while having the cuts in the right place.  She has a great personality with a lot of brains.  She is the stamp of an English lab.

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