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Gunsmoke's Major


Major is a male with alot of bone and substance.  He has that unforgettable, overpowering head that looks like a teddy bear.  And at the same time, a well balanced body and a correct otter tail to go along with his head.  He also has a nice, thick English coat.


He is the pride and joy of our kennel!


Meet the boys of Gunsmoke Kennels.

Gunsmoke's Ruger

Ruger is a very well balanced labrador.  He has a beautiful head piece, a strong topline, and a beautiful otter tail.  He has added a lot of personality to our kennel.  He's the most outgoing lab we own.  He has an unbelievable drive to his demeanor, which means he just won't quit!  This makes him a one of a kind retriever.  Ruger has also loved the water since day one.  He has been a great addition to our kennel.

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